Bringing the Seasonal Cards

Robin’s Seasonal Cards have been enjoyed by thousands of people over decades.  Now, for the first time, Tilted Planet makes them available for you to buy and send to your friends and kin.  Heck, send them to anyone you want to impress.

You already know that Tilted Planet Press is named after the way our planet tilts on its axis, and the way that tilt causes the seasons.  Here’s a description:

From windy groves of the checkered city
the colors and resins of summer
have ebbed and flowed away
to the tilted planet’s southern belly.
There pregnant lands turn to the sun
to celebrate the seasonal bonanza of life.
(Diverging, p. 42)

Each card bears a photo of the natural world (or sometimes the made world) on the cover.  A few have a second photo inside.  There are a lot of cards, and we’re going to introduce them in several rounds.

Some cards, especially the winter solstice cards, contain a poem and make a statement.  All the cards introduced in this round are winter solstice cards.  Other cards are blank inside, for you to write a personal message.  They’re coming.

Four cards are introduced in this round.  Three of the cards follow a long tradition of modest size with a poem in well-set type.  One takes a bold new direction, with large format and a poem written in Robin’s own hand.

We hope you enjoy them.  Spread them to the four winds.

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